Eliosian Ambitions

A Bit Sidetracked
Session of 1/17/15

The adventurers decided to take a break from the stress of questing for the gods, and headed further West towards the town of Estershore.

On their way, however, they came across a band of goblins, minding their own business. Fraust and Aroth tried to ambush the goblins, but their attempt didn’t go as planned. Embarrassingly, Aroth nearly lost his life to these goblins due to his incredible lack of Stealth, but the goblins were defeated and the adventurers continued heading West.

Upon arriving at a village in a coastal desert just East of Estershore, the adventurers first made some purchases using the illegitimate currency they found in the lost city. Although this caused some problems, they got away without being caught. Fraust went on to repair his bow, which had previously broken in the fight against the goblins, and met a fisherman who he became very close friends with. The adventurers decided that they would wait to take a boat the rest of the way, rather than travel by foot.

Up Untill Now

5 Adventurers awoke to find themselves trapped in the prison of keep newly erected by an invading dark army. After defeating the keeps temporary lord and freeing some of the innocent villagers also being kept prisoner, they headed west. They spent a couple nights in the village of those they freed, but the village was raided by a band of mercenaries led y a servant of the previous keep’s true lord.

After fending off the invasion and slaying the servant, they made their way further west to the town of Corinth. Here, they found some work and learned a little of the mysterious gems they found in the possession of their previous foes. They took a job from Arthur, the towns local archaeologist, to escort him to some nearby ruins. While exploring the ruins, they found a map to a lost city of an ancient civilization. After exploring the city and defeating the avatar of a god slumbering deep within the city’s temple, they were tasked by some unknown gods to defeat their avatars, and prove their worth.


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